Dear Canadians: Amazing Audio Deals---24 Hours Only!

We’ve got an exclusive thank special for our Canadian fans! We’re giving discounts on premium gear. Get up to 25% off on the Soundcore Bluetooth Stereo Speaker,Soundbuds Slim Bluetooth Earbuds and the Bolder LC40 Flashlight. Buy ASAP, it’s a one day deal!

( 15 % OFF) SoundCore Bluetooth Stereo Speaker UN Black
Regular Price: CDN$52.99
Deal Price: CDN$44.99

( 15 % OFF ) SoundBuds Slim Bluetooth Earbuds
Regular Price: CDN$29.99
Deal Price: CDN$25.49

( 25 % OFF ) LC40 Flashlight UN Black
Regular Price: CDN$19.99
Deal Price: CDN$14.99

Canada Only. Campaign starts April 26th at 00:00 GMT, ends April 26th at 23:59PM GMT


great deals…flash light is what I am going after for sure…thanks Anker


Thanks, Just bought a flashlight. I have been waiting for these to be available on .ca for some time. Now I am just waiting for the LC90 to be available in Canada from Anker direct.

Stay tuned for more Canada news this week!:gift: