I just found this randomly, but you can get a variety of phone cases for as little as $3.99 using Code:ANKERP399.

iPhone X

Breeze Case Soft TPU Cover Shell Black
Breeze Case Soft TPU Cover Shell Golden + Black
Shield Case Soft TPU Cover Black
Silicone Case Shockproof with Soft Microfiber Cushion Pink
Touch Case Matte Finish Cover Shell Skin Black
Ice Case Hard Back Black
Shield+ Case Dual Layer Black

iPhone 8/7 Plus

Breeze Case Soft TPU Cover Shell Military-Grade Black

Ice Case Semi-Transparent Hard Back and Soft Bumper Black

Rise Case Hybrid Heavy-Duty with 360° Rotating Kickstand Black/Red

iPhone 8/7

Ice Case Lite Clear Cover Case with Hard Bumper Frame and Enhanced Grip Black

Breeze Case Soft TPU Cover Shell Military-Grade Certified Black

:slight_smile: (I think these deals are still active)

Edit: Links Should be correct. :slight_smile:


Wow that’s crazy cheap!!


I wish they made cases for my phone (iPhone XR)… :pensive:

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of course the only other one that fits my phone isn’t in stock… nice deal tho

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As iPhones don’t change, bar their name n internals, I expect some of those would fit your phone.

Whatever size your phone is, match it to the 5/7/8

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Would imagine the iPhone X cases would fit. Worth a punt for $4 :thumbsup:


The “Touch Case Matte Finish Cover Shell Skin Black” has been one of my favorite phone cases. I’m currently rocking it on my iPhone X.

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Lol no. My phone is one of he phones that they changed the size on. They only wanted to make a single size, so they made it in between the size of regular, and a plus size.

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Thanks for the heads up!

Nice deals thanks 4 sharing!


Amazon it is then! lol


Dam! Have never seen phone cases this cheap from a high end brand :open_mouth::hushed:

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Nice deals!

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Thanks for the deals!


Too bad they didn’t have any for my S9+ :weary:

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There are a couple safety screens for a.xoue of Samsung, otherwise there nothing case wise outside of iPhones… Even those are stopping, hence why no X models (XR/XS/XL WHATEVER)