Deal pricing

Why does the deal for sales items only work on the App?? Should I be checking both the App and the desktop version for all purchases to see if the price is different??

Hi @bobbleheaderman, are you referring to the Amazon app? The Amazon app has a specific “deals” section, but you can typically access the same deals on Amazon’s website by clicking “Today’s Deals” link in the header below the search box (right now, the link shows as “Cyber Monday” instead).

@TechnicallyWell. . Yes, the Amazon app. I didn’t have to do anything different I just selected the item I wanted to purchase for both formats and got two different prices. I even put it in my cart on the phone and tried to checkout on my laptop and the price was changed 2 seconds later. Went back to the app and bingo cart price was lower so I bought it.

That’s how amazon works. It’s very wacky. Supply and Demand?

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Yes, as @Quinn_Armstrong stated, Amazon sometimes varies price due to several factors. I remember when they were first promoting their mobile app, they would give mobile-only discounts for using the app or scanning a price in-store. If you have Alexa, she will also give you exclusive discounts and different prices than the website. :confounded:

I’ve heard other people indicate different prices as well, although never seen it myself before. I’ll have to compare more often and see what happens.

If there is something that you’re contemplating on purchasing. Put it in your cart and wait a few days. It should go down in price. Obviously if stock is low or it’s a popular item, don’t bank on it. But otherwise, it should go down a few dollars.


I appreciate all the info but still think it has something to do with Anker as the deal on this Anker website specifically says that it has to be purchased through the app. here is a quote from the deal in question
“ONLY Valid through Amazon APP. No code needed.”
It’s not really that big of an issue but I was just curious if this is something I should be checking when purchasing from other suppliers in the future. I didn’t need to be affiliated with this site at all or click any deal links or anything. I just bought it like normal As long as I used the app or anyone used the app they got the deal.

I often have deals from Anker which must be purchased through Amazon, but the app specifically? I not seen that (but could be I not noticed). I rarely use the Amazon app as a browser works just fine and a little less phone storage used.

@nigelhealy . It may be because it is an deal because the last deal for Canada said the same thing but they had an issue and it didn’t work,. I think we may be considered a third world country, lol