Deal on ROAV C2 pro? Any thoughts/complaints?

I have had the ROAV C2 Pro in my Amazon “Save for Later” shopping cart seems like a very long time… I am still very interested in purchasing this but this is something I want and not need so time is no factor. What is a factor is price… There was a sale in the summer for this dashcam, will it ever go on sale?

To those with the C2 Pro could you please let me know your thoughts on this dashcam. Any gripes? I live in the Desert Southwest of California so will the mount melt off?

I am also in the research phase for a dashcam with similar specs from all brands on Amazon. I’ve seen some that are great, others not so great. What dashcam do you have and would you recommend it?

Please, your input is important. I got my tax refund burning a hole in my pocket.

I did a search and found this deal on the forum from Summer 2018…

save your money and wait for the Dual dash cam to eventually come out, i mean others think and say its a dual camera so lets call it that and wait and see. but by all means if you are in no rush then just wait for the new model to come out.

Also if you are worried about the suction mount melting, then you can always get a universal mount that clips to your mirror instead


Thanks @Tank ! I am waiting for the new dashcam to come out. Not enough specs or info was given out so I am still interested in the C2 pro. Thanks for the heads up because 115 degrees w/humidity is no joke, inside the car probably 150-160 degrees… I’ll start looking on Amazon for a compatible universal mount! Once again thanks!

Does the deal work?

@MSTR No, I’ve tried!