DEAL OF THE DAY | Popular audio gear up to 35% OFF

It’s time to rock out. Announced first on the Anker Community, our most popular speakers AND earbuds are on sale…but one day only!! No codes required. Just snatch them up and take your music with you anywhere.

( 35% OFF ) SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speaker
Regular Price: $29.88
Deal Price: $18.99

( 25% OFF ) SoundCore Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof
Regular Price: $59.99
Deal Price: $44.99

( 40% OFF ) Soundbuds Bluetooth Headphones
Regular Price: $29.88
Deal Price: $17.99

( 38% OFF ) SoundBuds NB10 Bluetooth Earbuds
Regular Price: $39.88
Deal Price: $24.99

( 35% OFF ) SoundCore Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Regular Price: $39.88
Deal Price: $25.99

US Only. Deals start May 12th at 09:00 PDT, end May 12th at 23:59 PDT

It isn’t 24 hours if you get the email less than five hours before it ends. 7:43 p.m. on May 12 is when I got the email.

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Look at the timestamps. Now I can’t find a way to look at the times of the edits only the 1st and last post time. The post was last edited 9.39am.

The email came from Anker 6.29pm.

A deals site emailed me at 11.06am

It was Facebook 5.59am.

Your point is valid in that this is a US only offer and uploaded when most in USA are asleep and so the first I knew once awake wasn’t even from Anker. i.e. you’d just as easily know first on Facebook at 6am as if as soon as you woke you went to the community and then noticed.

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I got the email at 7 almost 8 in the evening when the deadline was at midnight. It said for one day only or 24 hours, but sometimes even Facebook is slow on the notifications

For “24hours” check the email this morning and this is what shows up at the end of the deal. Deal ended at midnight, but I checked well within the 24 hour limit and prices were back to normal. And it was for over 35% off not the 40 for the original post. So this list is similar, but little different in the percentage.

We’re making different points.

The @AnkerOfficial post at the top is in the morning, it might have been very early like 00:00 midnight or soon after and if so then factually it is 24 hours and 1st to this forum. So Anker may well be factually correct.

Your making a different point that you didn’t get the email til evening.

So kind of 24 hours sale, told to community first where it may well have been then 24 hours of notice, and then progressively told in more ways through that 24 hour period.

I’m making the point that a USA-only offer beginning at midnight when most are asleep is in reality not 24 hours, and given we may not look in the community first, in all practical senses its available to everyone given its on Facebook like 6am and then on deal sites soon after.

For this to be community only, rather than community first, you’d need it just in the community and nowhere else. That isn’t what happened here, it was community first, whilst we mostly asleep and then when we wake its for everyone, so in all practical sense there was no real community advantage.

Regardless, there was a whole day to notice it in many forms in this community then FB, then email, etc so plenty who were online had a long time to look notice and decide if to buy. In my case I noticed it about 11am I think and wasn’t interested as I have all the items I want of that type.

The point that I am saying is that: I checked the forum and this was the only post in the Deals and Giveaway tab. I check Facebook since even though I like it and am fallowing, I don’t always get the notification or have post show up. As for the email, I received it much later in the day than should have and other emails usually show up before 12 p.m. with the deals for the next 24hr or until 12a.m. that same day.

I usually get notified first here

Sometimes if I use RSS feed check for for DEAL

There are often codes which are available which are not in this forum.

As far as I can tell, if you did come and check this forum for new threads in Deals then you’d have spotted this likely 9am or possibly earier (the last edit was 9am but might have been there earlier you can see all the edits with prices etc changing as someone was correcting errors). So you’d likely have a whole awake day to get it, if you wanted.

There a couple of items I’m waiting for, I want some more LC40 and would like the 15W solar lite for camping for charging my basic mobile phone, and these will if I’m patient inevitably come up eventually. If you check the FB page you see posts of “sour cream” of those who had just bought, but everyone in tech knows all items hit any price eventually so buy today or wait for lower price.

Hi guys, @nigelhealy @Isaac_Schloss, thank you for your suggestions and feedback! We’re sorry to hear that some people missed out on the deal or heard about it too late. From now on we will be posting new “Community Exclusive” deals with the same headline. What are these? These are deals that are posted exclusively on the community first, before anywhere else so that you guys are the very first to see and grab them. Since our deals use codes, this means codes can be shared and spread across other platforms, but they will originate first on the community. If you have more suggestions we’d love to hear them too! Drop us a line below

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@AnkerOfficial thanks for supporting this community with community first offers.

If these are to be then offered elsewhere then making them first when USA is asleep and then elsewhere as everyone wakes, then means no significant advantage to this forum. You’d have to give say a day’s delay, not hours delay.

Agree. With the different time zones and even across the pond, from what I have seen is that there is only so many codes available to be used. I was waiting for the SoundCore XL with the discount since it is cheaper that the discounts you get with signing up. Those solar panels do sound very tempting. Wonder is a weather proof power bank is in the works.

I will never buy a weatherproof powerbank. It’s dumb at many levels. A waterproof pouch is lower cost and lighter. A port becomes non-waterproof when you use it, so if you put the device and the powerbank together in a waterproof pouch it remains waterproof.

Most of the time you don’t need weatherproof, and you’re lugging the weight and cost all the time.

I own lots of waterproof bags of all types and sizes and I use them for weatherproofing. In the case of say my Powercore 10000, I wrap clothes around it to cause nil-weight shock protection, make a sausage shape, and place in the appropriate size waterproof bag. In the case of say the Powercore Slim 5000, I have a transparent phone case big enough to hold the phone and the slim and the cable to be able to use the phone whilst it is being recharged in the rain.

I also make use of Android Wear to keep my phone inside a bag when its raining.

I’d rather Anker focus innovation on a dual-port Powercore 10000.

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There are the pouches, but some are like shrink wrap and leave no room to use the cable while zipped up.

small phone, big pouch :slight_smile:

I only have so much table space outside. And pockets are only so deep

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