[Deal Expired] Roav Jump Starter Pro 34% Off - £45.99 - Amazon UK DOTD

Well we are in winter and engine troubles can arise…why not save £24 on the normal price and have another spare PowerCore as well :grin:


Fellow Brits better “jump” on this offer! :wink:

Good deal, and great batterypack. I actually find myself using it as a batterypack more often than I need it as a jump pack. The usb-C, while not power delivery can still fast charge my Galaxy s9+


Great deal!

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Is this available in the US?

The item is, but not the deal


That’s a shame.

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Nice deal !

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I’ve seen an item just like it but made by CAT and it was at Walmart. It had everything but the compass and it was going for about $40. I kinda regret not getting it

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We have had deals in the past about $74

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I guess I’ll have to wait for one!

The last one was only a month ago for $75, so you either don’t really need one as if you did you’d have spotted it then, or this UK offer just brought it to your attention.

As I notice these offers if not posted here yet I do post but seems I didn’t post here that offer then.

I own 2 of these already charged in the trunk of cars, not been needed yet!

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I never saw the sale a month ago. I don’t need one either, one of my friends does.

OK many of use here subscribe to different deals sites and if we notice post here, if you want to help you can subscribe too and paste here. That one I mentioned above I was obviously too busy / couldn’t be bothered that day.

Each product comes up for discount I’d say every 6 weeks on average so …