[Deal Expired] Eufy RoboVac 11c & 11S - 25% Off Amazon UK - Today Only

Head up for UK members, the Eufy RoboVac 11c & 11s are on deal of the day offers on Amazon UK today, 25% off normal prices :slight_smile:


Pretty nice deals for the friends on “The Island”.
The 11S is a very useful thing, indeed.

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I sure do wish this thing could mop cause all my house has tile. Carpet is not really a thing here in the Desert Southwest.


A house with all tiled floor!

This is “real heaven” for an 11S. :smiley:

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I assumed that these robots were more for carpet. Kinda like a vacumm cleaner

Of course the EUFY-models do NOT mop. :wink:
That is really no disadvantage.

Because all models (other companies) with such a “mop-function” are not working properly. I was reading a lot about this “mop-function” and I if you think about this a little bit, you figure out there could be never satisfactory results.

We have mostly parquet and tiled floor. The robot is doing a great job on these.

And don’t forget the more you use the robot, the less you have to dust.
Not so much dust is raised up. :grin:

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Cracking deals for us. Thanks for posting Neil.

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Nice deals for UK

Act fast - you never know what happens after Br…it

Great deals for the UK at the moment.

How good are the robovacs? I’ve never owned one before but I constantly see deals for them

I’ve heard fantastic things- I want to get my hands on a 30c- but I have two family members who have them and are very happy. I have an older Roomba that will likely need replacing in a couple of years (or sooner, depending on deals).

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Every time I see a sale warning on here I get excited. Then I realize it is never for the U.S. and I go back to physically having to move my vacuum back and forth like some kind of heathen.