[DEAL EXPIRED] Anker 10W Fast Wireless Charger and Free 6ft USB Cable

Saw a deal online on Amazon for Anker 10W Wireless Charger, Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad and Anker 6ft Nylon Braided Micro USB Cable

Click on “Save an extra $1.00” coupon for the Wireless Charger Pad on Amazon Page --> bring the the price to $12.99 and free cable with code FREE6FTCABLE when both are purchased together.

Anker 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad https://amzn.to/2H3ZOgn ($12.99 w/coupon)
Anker 6ft Nylon Braided Micro USB Cable https://amzn.to/2VmXRPU (Code: FREE6FTCABLE)


Ooooh. Nice deals. I may have to take this one up :joy:


Braided cables are nice

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yeah I need to get a couple new cables for the house to have around

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Dam that’s one sweet deal :sunglasses::relaxed::smile::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Nice deal. Too bad my phone has no wireless charging :frowning:

$13 for an Anker 10W wireless charger cable included? That’s a sweet deal!

if I can find a case for my iPhone SE that supports wireless charging may be i can get on board wireless charging.

This is a great deal, couple months ago I found a promotion 3 wireless charges for 30dlls but they were 7.5 Watts

Anyone able to purchase with the “FREE6FTCABLE” promo? I’m seeing “The promotional code you entered is not valid.” when attempting to apply… I tried with both the 6ft black cable ($7.99) and the 6ft red cable ($5.99) in case it was only for one vs the other. Still no dice. = /
The $1.00 coupon works fine though.

Sorry, looks like the deal has expired, was only for yesterday. Updating the Post now.

yeh just tried it before and it never seemed to be working.