[Deal Expired] Amazon UK DOTD - Eufy RoboVac 11 / 30c Up to 30% off

Heads up for UK members in need of cleaning solutions :slight_smile:


Hhhhmmmmm need a new one too :heart_eyes:

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May be you have to buy a new one!

But you should try to take a look at these gear wheels were were talking about! I’m sure there is a broken dent.

Come on, you go!!! :grin:

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Thanks for posting buddy. Really need to get my hands on one of them soon. :slight_smile:

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Nice deals

I will take a look at them. Do you have a link to the video you mentioned where someone stripped and replaced them please?

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Should be here at the Forum.
As I remember the buddy made photos.
One of this nylon gear wheels had a broken dent.
He detected the issue because there was a certain “noise”.
Could be your problem as well.

We “old, sly tinkers” will never give up! :laughing:

Seem to recall the same thread, think it was this one @fhassm ?

Cheers lads @fhassm @ndalby

There was another thread regarding not the motor, the fellow mentiones a broken gear wheel.
I think after opening the case we have more information.

Must be this one then…it’s been mentioned a few times recently;

Exactly. Thanks
So we will see if he will slaughter his robot! :grin:

Nice deals too bad I don’t live there