Dead Powercore 13000


I have a Powercore 13000 purchased in 2016, meaning the warranty is expired. It refuses to take a charge. The first light flashes when plugged in, but it won’t power up no how long I charge it. I have tried multiple cables, multiple chargers and different outlets. Have also tried looping the cable back to the unit to “reset”. Nothing.

Any final strategies before this thing goes to the trash? It’s pretty disappointing given it was probably cycled <30 times total.


I would recommend you try a brand new unused micro usb cable and leave it to charge overnight using a wall plug that outputs at least 5v 2.5 amps


I would try what @elmo41683 said and if that does not work, please reach out to or call their customer service number. Anker’s customer service is topnotch and I am sure they will try to help you.

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If nothing works…then crack open it and salvage the 18650 cells from inside before trashing