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I owned this for a day. I only recommend it for darkened rooms (good curtains / blinds) or from dusk.

I returned mine. :pensive:

Thanks for the feedback, I’m sure there are other projectors that can work better in brighter room conditions.

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Indeed, just less portable. The Mars and Prism for example are brighter. Mars II Pro is 500 Lumen vs the Max 200.

I guess, it’s hard to get 500 lumens on a can sized projector.

I was reading about that it is good for darkened rooms but not in the bright sunshine. :smile:
To get such a high brightness a stronger lamp
(indicates a better cooling and a bigger case) is needed.
Its a small can, so it does what it can. :laughing:

Not for me but good deal

Not for me too.
I dont even have a TV.
“Neanderthaler” :joy:

:rofl: :rofl: a tv is a must-have for me

You will be FREE if not using
Good films can be found in the internet and music as well
And I read so many books now.
In the past : coming home from work I “zapped” through the programs and was mostly frustrated.
What I did → TV garbage.
I know a free Neanderthaler :rofl:
My wife has one not me.
But we are married since about 45 years now!
And we are still happy, she got a TV I dont!

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I gave a lot away last year, but currently we have a laptop per person made up of a Chromebook, a Win10 laptop and a Linux laptop. I also have a 11" tablet 8" tablet. 32" TV are now effectively free, people outgrow them and give them away, that’s what we have a 32" free TV, with Chromcast. We have one large noisy projector pointed at wall hanged reflecting sheet.

Probably the best quality display is the 11" tablet, biggest but lowest quality is the projector, and the TV is in between.

The issue with the Nebula Max is it the bad combination of dim and expensive. That amount of money spent on anything gives you more and that size image can be made brighter at much less cost. For that same cost of the Nebula Max projector you can get a 55" 4K TV.

There is no inherent physics reasons a small project has to be dimmer, it is just a current technology limit, as no energy conversion is perfect, you make heat from light so smaller has to be dimmer. More efficient electronics, as in simply waiting for Moore’s Law, will improve over time. You’re talking of the order of 18 months typical technology change to half the inefficiency, so I’d expect a Nebula Max II Pro (made up name) 400 Lumens end of next year.

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I need to start doing that. There are some books I’d like to read, but I always end up doing something else with my time

Guess I should’ve been more specific. I can live without a tv but I would still need a screen of some sorts lol, whether is a phone, tablet or laptop so I can play videogames or watch a movie here and there

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I know what you mean!

I kept 4 of these, sold or gifted the rest away. Probably the best screen here is the Chromebook.

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Hoarding toilet paper and yeast is better than laptops
But may be its possible to trade a laptop for 2 rolls! :rofl:

Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis

  • Pixel C, bought new March 2016, sold
  • Lenovo Thinkpad, new Oct 2014, old work laptop they let me keep. Replaced keyboard, battery, over 5 year old and still going strong.
  • Chromebook, new April 2015, broken screen twice, broken battery, repaired 3 times, gifted to family, it is slowly breaking frame so it’s not really portable now, otherwise useful.
  • Huawei Mediapad 10.8 , new Jan 2019 - kept (mine)
  • Nexus 7 , bought refurbished Jan 2016, I replaced battery - sold
  • Nexus 10, bought refurbished 2013, replaced battery - it became unreliable so went to electronics recycling.
  • Lenovo Tab4 8 Pro, bought new 2017 - gifted to family, still going strong.
  • Huawei Mediapad, new April 2019, 8.4 kept (mine)
  • Oneplus6, new May 2018- kept (mine), the next candidate for battery replacement.

The issue with N+1 is one always seeks better and never quite accomplishes it.

Did you like the pixel C? I’ve never had a chance to use one, but I’ve heard less then flattering things about it.

Pixel C
Pros - keyboard good, operate at any angle, stable (not falling over when press screen). Closes to clamshell, solid hard tough outer, becomes a light tablet via magnet keyboard.
Cons: Wifi awful, needed to have good signal. Tendency to get slow, but newer custom de-bloated ROMs addressed. 4:3 is not a good size for media, 16:10 is a better compromise for media and portrait web browsing for tablets.

I bought it new for $652 in March 2016, sold it via Craigslist $300 July 2019. So the cost was $100/year.

If it were not for the bad Wifi, I’d have not gone hunting round for better, I’d probably have not bought the Huawei Mediapad 10.8".

The Pixel C was successor to a Nexus 9 I bought also I think 4:3 I sold that, and Nexus 9 was successor to the Nexus 10 I got refurbished off Woot with poor warranty and it was never really reliable. Lesson learned, don’t buy refurbished from Woot. Fortunately I only needed to learn that lesson once. I tended to buy new since.

Pixel C, the keyboard, magnets, the hinge, is in my view the best way to do tablet convertibles. It is very stable on unstable surfaces like laps and you can pick it up and stays rigid. Outer metal is a good idea, they just botched the Wifi (somehow, possible the metal case and they were not using external antennae yet then like is now in metal case devices).

If I could inject all my years of experience into someone who was beginning fresh, I’d get a phone with limited LTE, Chromebook and a Mifi with Unlimited LTE, a Chromecast, the biggest TV screen to fit your living space 32" upwards. 55" TV same cost as a Nebula Max but brighter and better image (e.g. 4K vs 720p).

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What did you think of the way Android was displayed on the tablet? I’ve heard that Android wasn’t integrated well into that specific tablet- even More so then most android tablets.

I’m still on my iPad 2018, with no plans to upgrade. It has LTE, which is very convenient. I don’t have keyboard, as I don’t think I need one.

I have been considering that new iPad Pro, but for that price I might as well get a laptop :man_shrugging:

I’d say Android is optimised for phones, not tablets, a reasonable upper limit is around 8". Larger than that you’re more likely going to use in landscape mode and Android is still not perfect in landscape, you find some apps just force to portrait.

I’d say Chromebook for laptop type, larger screen, landscape type, uses, Android for smaller tablets acting as bigger phones, more portrait mode.

I’m not so sure a larger Android devices makes sense right now.

You can get by, make workable, a larger Android, but multitasking, you’d do more often on larger screens, is better on ChromeOS than Android. It’s things like multiple Chrome tabs, they expire and go background in Android annoyingly.

Of course if you get a good price, it can swing it!

This time last year I was getting ready to resign and retire and go on the road, and that 10.8" tablet with keyboard has LTE and I was thinking of being in a car a lot and in/out of hotels/B&B. I did a 3 month trip like that, 9000 miles driving. So I was seeking LTE, and at the time this was the best. Since then I’d guess a MiFi and no-LTE laptop would be better, put Mifi on the window ledge with a Powercore attached for Internet anywhere. Or tether to phone for cheaper method.

One advantage an Android large tablet has is storage and offline capability. Most streaming services let you download, and on Android download to a SD card “expandable storage” so 256GB extra storage is $20 more and you can use external storage or swap SD cards, that is good for bad network situations, you download a load when on good network and view offline when on a bad / no network.

Since I bought my bigger tablets, 720p HD and 1080p full HD media become more available so calls for more storage for offline viewing. My two tablets have 2560x1600 16:10 screens so can handle full HD.