(DE) If you have to stay at home, stay safe and enjoy this projector

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Indeed. Or buy it for you, friends, family, neighbours, and wipe it down with 70% alcohol and move it to someone else when you’re well.

Boredom is a bigger problem than most here ever experienced. This projector you can use in garden in evening.

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I’m not such a cineast.
But of course there are many!
Like more reading books via kindle.
You can find such a lot of real classical literature on amazon for free!

Now I am reading Kafka “The castle”
Franz Kafka is one of my favorite authors.
I got in touch with him at school
“The metamorphosis” what else! :smiley:

this is the biggest problem… we (& all) are facing, nothing much to do, watch TV, … plus its raining here today…

planning to get a outdoor screen to watch movies out somewhere… sitting inside home is slowly getting crazy


I would suggest to play board games.
Much more exciting than films.

There are many funny ones!
You know “barricade”?

Great for family!

Well, finally, this community does some good.

Most reading this have never experienced what they are about to experience.

Isolation is trivially easy to start but incredibly hard to sustain. This bug is exponentially growing meaning there will be a peak for many 1-3 months out.

Making that isolation as fun, nice, pleasant, is critical.

Because the worst time will be the “prefer death to this” feeling many here will have they never knew was within themselves, emerge when the virus is feet away rather than the miles away today.

Think of fun things to do not involving physical contact and proximity.

I won’t spell it out in a public forum…


Boredom won’t be a problem for me since I have videogames

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I think a real problem is to convince kids and young people that all this makes sense.

I was really afraid after schools have being closed, that young people will take this as real vacations and what else they will do than having parties in the clubs and discotheques.


True. What do you think caused the baby boom 60s kids. 1940s nothing to do but sit and worry at home with loved others.

What is the longest you spent not with another person ,indoors, and importantly - not feeling ill? That’s the challenge, when you either were never ill and isolated for 2-3 weeks or were ill and then felt better and needed to isolate for 1-2 weeks further to be sure. Very few people have done that for a great many years.

Hint: diversity of activities, and actually interacting at a distance with others, like in Italy.

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I remember there was a electrical power outage in NY regions, many years ago. (1965)
More babies, true or not I dont know.
I am too old to start such an action right now! :rofl:

But we can talk a lot here in our “family”
(Less action…hehehe)

I’m an introvert and love staying indoors :smile: I wouldn’t mind going for a while without human interaction



Later… we’ll revisit.

Weather better here next week so planning camping, hiking, probably with my Powercore 26800 so I don’t need to “non-isolate” for 3-4 nights. Spring Equinox means it’s dark hours less than light hours now.

(my actual tent for this time of year)

But all these ideas are good ones, games at home, projectors, distant remote outdoors, etc. All good stuff. So Powercore 26800, Nebula projector, etc…

Camping is a pretty good idea. I’m not a big fan of it myself but I enjoy camping every once in a while

Depending how far outdoors you want to go or travel, you can always get This. Its the one I now use to both indoors and out

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Sometimes those canvas’ are left from the days when people were using their slide projectors.
Often these are free or very cheap.