(DE) A small charger for a smaller price

Hier Kaufen



Why is this message suddenly in German?

Its an offer for German customers.
The copy was taken from amazon.de
Dont forget there are some customers over the pond
and those should not be forgotten! :smile:

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Well a smart website could replace the product icon with the one relevant to the Member. So how Does a non amazon.de or German speaking shopper find out more about the device and its particulars in the Member’s applicable market? Is it a manual job trying to locate the item on amazon.co.uk, for example, site? You can see how confusions might Arise for someone unfamiliar with the minutae of prodrugs of similar spec or variants thereof.

Be that as it may Chiquinho. I thank you for the prompt reply .:grinning:

I put (DE) in the headline of such an announcement.
You may find similar for ones UK and CA
Please let the few non US-customers have their own propaganda!