(DE) 20.08.2021 : Befristetes Angebot : Powerline+ II Iphone Kabel 3m

Hier Kaufen


Shiny gold cable, nice one.

Anybody remember the 24k special edition one from late last year?


I do!
How are things in Canada?
No more ice and snow I suppose! :laughing:
I remember the minus degrees you reported in the winter time.
But I am sure you saved your poor butt without any chilblains! :rofl:
Enjoy the weekend my friend!
Greetings from München!

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nice discount for a great cable !

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Weather has cooled, and feels like autumn.

The past few weeks have been heavy smoke due to the forest fires on the west coast.

Hope your weekend goes well too.

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Same here ca 17C now and rainy.

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