(DE) 17.09.2021 : Befristetes Angebot : RoboVAc 30c

Hier Kaufen


Nice discount Franz.
Seems the Eufy products are getting the discounts currently.

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Nice find, I’ll have to check out some of those over here… all these sales has me thinking…

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There are often discounts on these RoboVacs.
But meanwhile there are so many different models around (typical for ANKER/EUFY/soundcore :laughing:) that is is not easy to decide which one to buy.
For me its easy!
No app!
So a simple 11S is perfect for us here.

And old Willy is so tough.
I remember when he pushed a small carpet over the 1 step of the basement stairs. So he was not able to see that “chasm” and he fell down all the steps (stone). But he survived!
Nothing got broken.
More than a miracle!!

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