DC to USB Cable, recommendations

Hey guys. Can you recommend a DC to USB-C-A cable to power a Sony boombox radio that I have. The radio needs the spec on the photo below

And this is DC connection is 5mm

Thanks in advance

Anker will soon be releasing a USB-C to DC cable but not a USB-A to DC one, I’m afraid.

@Insider I remember the news release and was happy to hear about it but it was months ago in October at the Anker event.

I need one now to power a radio that can handle 9V and at least 1A. It could be USB-C or USB-A to DC (5.5mm).

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There are non-Anker products existing…

You have to get the barrel size correct (you know that already) and the voltage (ditto) but also the polarity. It is a positive tip. Many decide polarity by reversible pins with a + or - symbol on you have to do correctly.

Efficiency. So whatever USB 5V port you use has to be of the type which does 2.4A and the cable to be very good, as 2.4x5=12W, 9x1.1=9.9, so total power loss through cable and the voltage conversion cannot exceed 17.5%. So look at short cables, harder to make bad short cables. If you were to use 2A 5V then you’d require a perfect system (impossible).

Some Anker products are 5V 2A (requires perfection, impossible, some are 5V 2.4A (requires 83% perfect, quite viable) so you have to aim for the 2.4A port.

Anker make at least one 5V 3A charger, type C. This was getting popular about 3 years for tables before USB PD came out at 9V. The higher the voltage the more efficient the cable, and the charger, better for tablets, laptops, but worse for phones.

@professor The DC port is 5.5mm (outer) but I’m not sure about polarity. Hence why I posted images above of the AC adapter. I need a DC cable that can support 9V and minimum of 1A. It could be USB-C. 4 to 5 feet would be preferable. I’ve been searching Amazon with no luck.

I’m using a power strip that has two USB ports and would like to use them to power my radio as that Sony adapter is too large and doesn’t fit on the power strip.

Polarity is right there in top right symbol. See inside the round thing is a line to a + and outside is a line to -

So you must either buy a positive tip or the reversible type where you manually insert tip aligning with symbols.



Check the specs of USB ports, seek either 12W 2.4A 5V or higher, if you can, if you find it is only 2A then your radio won’t get all the power it needs, especially if you get a cheap cable and may either cut out if too loud or port safety triggers off.

5V to 9V USB products exist, just not Anker.

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@Dez_S Hey I’m not sure if you know about this but there’s some little modules that use the Quick charge 3.0 and Power Delivery protocol to output different voltages via USB port. From there I bought a usb a to barrel cable center pole + and sleeve - and bought a wide variety of tips. I am able to power devices such as my keyboard/piano which requires 12v and uses 16 watts. You will need a JUWEI QC2.0/3.0 trigger if you want to use the the quick charge protocol or a ZY12PDN-2 with USB port if you want to use power delivery protocol. You can also listen to professor there is a cable that converts regular 5v usb to 9v just make sure you use a powersource of 2.4 amps. Im waiting for Anker’s usb c cable to Dc. its a nice braided cable. I just don’t know how its going to work if you can choose different voltages or is it going to be a set voltages I don’t know.

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