Day 1 at IFA | What are we up to?

Hi, Anker fans! We’re at Berlin’s enormous annual tech show right now. Check out what’s going on, and if you happen to be there, don’t forget to drop by our booth!

We’ll be uploading more photos as the event continues, so be sure to keep your eyes on the community for the latest.

What are you expecting to see from IFA this year? Let us know your thoughts below, and as always: Power On!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wish I was there! I love seeing new gadgets! :heart_eyes:


I wish someone would offer up a virtual reality tour of everyth ih ng there, or even just record a 360 video so we can immerse ourselves in everything there.
Love seeing and hearing about new tech, and even more so to see what the future holds for Anker and its sister brands.


I spy Model Zero and PowerWave 15!


Oh this looks super interesting

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I see a black Zero. One of my dreams…

Difficult to use such a tablet keybord.
Wrote “Zoll” instead of Zero.
Old man new mistakes…:grin:


I had to do a double take on it when I saw it in the picture. Completely forgot about it until then. Looks so aesthetically pleasing.

I like how they set everything up, looks very professional and appealing.

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I’d be there for hours if not days :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are doing a good job there.
IFA is a very important fair in Europe.

The Zero! Somehow it’s smaller than I imagined. Then again, I had never saw it in any context other than that one promo photo…

The Eufy stand seems to show the doorbell on the right, and a new camera on top?

And what’s the first item to the left in this picture?

I think the top is just Genie. Still haven’t heard anything about the smaller camera I mentioned in the upcoming eufy Security products… Not sure what’s on the right, but the doorbell isn’t supposed to launch until Spring 2019. Also, I wonder if the light strips connecting all of the products is something they’re working on, too (?!).

That would be PowerCore+ 19000 PD.

Didn’t they told it was a concept for the EverCam? I saw cameras from other brands with the same form factor, maybe they tried it before setting on the final EverCam format.

Freaked out thinking Anker’s releasing more Switch accessories but they’re just the powerbanks.

Update: The entry sensor for eufyCam is what’s on the right!

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