Eine Dashcam mit 2 Kameras die eine Weitwinkel Objektive haben dazu noch eine gute Batterie damit man sie nicht an den Zigarettenanzünder stecken muss.

Übersetzung für unsere nicht deutschsprachigen Mitglieder.
Translation for our non German speaking members

A Dashcam with 2 cameras that have a wide-angle lenses plus a good battery so you do not have to plug it into the cigarette lighter.

Please provide pictures :upside_down_face:
Bitte stellen Sie Bilder zur Verfügung🙃

I recommend a bit more research.
Battery cams are advisable where heat/cold aren’t an issue OR if you plan on removing the camera(s) every time you leave the vehicle.

Several models on the market can be hardwired to your vehicle in less than an hour. And would leave your plug free for your cigarette lighter or whatever else. You can still remove the camera(s) every time you get in the car.

I don’t make any recommendations because I don’t know if we can promote non-anker products and I’ve become comfortable with super-capacitor models that aren’t susceptible to weather the way the battery models are.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for @Anker to come out with a Capacitor dash cam.

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