Dashcam Duo Suction Cup Mount?

Will Anker be making a suction cup mount for the Anker Roav Dashcam Duo any time soon?

At one point, there was plan for suction cup mount, but believe it was stopped since at high temperature these suction mounts would just fall off ( I have experienced this lot of times) so personally I would refrain from these.

You may however try reaching at support@goroav.com to get official response.

I hope Anker will consider making a car mount that is magnetic.

Hi my friend ~ Welcome to our community ! We currently have no plans to make suction cup mounts for Anker Roav Dashcam Duo :smiley_cat:

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Thanks for posting the official response @AnkerOfficial

I have one of the suction mounts that roav initially came out with, the problem with then is that vibration caused the cameras to enter emergency mode and record all videos under emergency due to the vibration and shock of the suction mount.

Thanks for the replies. As for my cam, I find that even with the Collision Detection set to “low” or “off” that the camera still turns on when any noise or anything is detected in parking mode etc.

you may want to contact Roav Support, they will usually provide tips / details and also the firmware which will reduce these.

With Parking Mode detection, the dashcam “Is Expected” to turn on and record for 5 minutes, and this is per the design by Roav DashCam Duo.

Thanks @Shenoy, I didn’t even think to look at firmware updates for the camera.

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