Dashcam Duo Charging

Does anyone know what is actually charging in the dashcam duo product, there is a LED charging indicator light on the unit. Thank you.

Dashcam Duo does not have any battery in it, and relies on the Car battery / Charging port for its power.

The dashcam duo technically only charges up the super capacitor within, which is what powers the dashcam. Once power is removed it still holds a slight charge until its bumped and then it gets discharged as it records the bump

ok, thank you.

I love my dash cam duo. It does power down after a while and powers on when movement is detected.

my DashCam Duo powers off Immediately once I unplug the cable (hardwire kit cable) to charging port, i dont believe the capacitor holds any charge to keep it ON.

Either it is faulty (i dont think it is though) or it runs only on the power from Car via the hardwire kit.