Dash Charge support

The faster the better. And that’s what people with QC devices get if buying the right Anker product.

But there are other technologies for fast charging devices. One of them is Dash Charge.
Is Anker going to sell powerbanks that support that technology?
And of course preferably various technologies on the same powerbank.

Probably not because it wouldn’t be worth. Dash charge is just OnePlus, so the market would be too small.


I know Dash Charge is just OnePlus. There is another fast charging tech that’s not QC. That’s just for one brand too.
While you are 100% right I’m still wondering about 2 things:

Can a single port be so intelligent it supports several standards?
When a non QC device is connected to a QC port Anker chargers switch to normal mode instead of QC. Right?
If that’s true Anker is already able to switch between standards.

2] Yes the Dash Charge market is much smaller than QC, but that’s not always a bad thing. If the competition in a niche market is small then it may be more worthwhile that mainstream market with lots of competition.

To clarify ‘1b’ is a question, not a statement because I don’t own any phone, charger, etc using QC or DS. But the latest OnePlus looks like the the first phone in ages that has all what I’m looking for. That’s the reason for this DS question.