Dash charge on batteries?

Should Anker do a battery with Dash Charge on it?

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That would be nice but I don’t think OnePlus are ready to release the spec for it just yet, plus it would only be useful to OnePlus 3 and 3T owners anyway so a small market.

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I’m not aware of the Dash Charge technology. What does it supposed to do? Is it same as Quick Charge??

Dash Charge is such a defined niche. Quick Charge is barely becoming a bigger market, I don’t think Dash Charge would be worth Anker’s time.

It would have been good if Anker had collaborated with OnePlus to make a set of options, like a Qi charging case or a dual Dash charger (Dash+USB2) or bundles but I didn’t see any of that happen.

It would be great! Expecially after the release of One Plus 5. The specs are very similar to Quick Charge Power Bank from OPPO