Dash cam with swivel camera

I have been looking at dash cams for a while now and one thing I noticed is many are only single camera. I have seen a few dual camera ones and it got me thinking. Why doesn’t Anker make either a dual camera dash camera, where one lens faces the front and the other the back of the car. This way you can get details from both ends in case you were rear ended.

Similarly I was also thinking if not a dual camera why not make one that has a swivel camera so you can turn it point it in any direction that you want and still be able to record.
What do you guys think? Think this would be something useful to y’all? I know if Anker came out with the dual camera I’d jump on it…my wife would just have to deal with me buying it haha


Great idea !
Anker make dashcams, why not actioncams ?


My husband and I watch a lot of youtube. And we’ve seen so many car accident videos that made us decide to get a dash cam. As careful of a driver as you may be, it’s the other driver that you have to watch out for. Having a dash cam in this day and age seems like the most logical thing to get. It got us wondering why there isn’t much dual cams out there for both front facing and back facing. It would be great if Anker made a dual cam that attaches front facing and rear facing of the car and somehow integrate it together as a set or unit. That way, in case of an accident, you have evidence rather it be an accident in front of you or someone rear ending you.


Precisely my thinking

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My wife’s father use to have a YouTube channel dedicated to dumb drivers and accidents. Part of the reason why I think everyone should have one. As it’s not only peace of mind but also shows everything up to and including fault

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About a month ago, while driving to the Animal Emergency Center, we witnessed a car backing up into a brand new Honda that was parked. Luckily, we had our Roav C1 mounted and on, otherwise, that driver would have just taken off. We pulled up alongside him and told him that he just damaged that parked car and that he needs to leave a note for the car owner. He mumbled something and acted like he didn’t understand us. But once we told him that we had it on our dash cam, he actually pulled over and took care of business. So yeah, even if it doesn’t help us, it can help others. Very glad we got our Roav C1 Dashcam. We totally forgot we even had it mounted and ready.


:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Very glad to know this story, it motivate us to continually produce good products!:hugging:

I would be very interested in something like that Anker :slight_smile:

Personally, having a camera lens pointed at you all the time is unsettling, even if it is your own.
Most dashcams can be mounted on the front or rear windows, so If you want to keep an eye on that is happening behind you, buy another camera and mount it on your rear window. It’s what I’m planning on doing.


A 360° view dash cam would be great

I dunni, I use to have a work van that had a camera pointed at the rear from the mirror and it never creeped me out. But that was mainly because it never picked up the driver or passenger, just what was behind the front seat to the rear if the van

I’d rather fix the rear camera above the license plate. That way it can also be used as a rear view mirror when parking

I believe the rear-facing camera would get much more action from inside the car than from the rear. The system would have to make white balance choices, after all. Plus, depending on the car model, there wouldn’t be much to see outside from that distance.

The other day I was parking and looking at the screen on my car showing the rear camera for parking, and I thought: why this only works for parking? There should be a system in the car to allow recording as a dash cam, and also a way for us to look at it even without engaging reverse. Rear cameras will be mandatory starting this year here in Canada. How hard would it be, and how costly, to create a recording system also integrated?