Cut the Cord: Wireless Charging for iPhone

Now that iPhone 8 and iPhone X have launched, how many of you Anker fans have managed to get your hands on Apple’s latest feat of engineering?

Stunning technical advancements that once seemed a far-off dream are now emerging before our very eyes. One such thing on everyone’s mind is: wireless charging.

Wireless charging comes standard on current iPhones, and is expected to slowly overtake the cable as the up-to-date way to charge mobile devices. Just set your phone down on a special pad or stand charger, and let the power flow. It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Manufacturers are now in a mad rush to get their wireless chargers out into the market. So how do Anker’s engineering wizards make ours stand out from the pack?

First of all, PowerPort Wireless Pad and PowerPort Wireless Stand are both specially optimized for charging iPhone X and iPhone 8. In our lab tests, we were able to charge the iPhone 10% faster than other 5W wireless chargers—saving you roughly half an hour.

Next, our chargers are designed to transmit through almost any phone case. Imagine if you had to remove your case and replace it every single time you wanted to charge! That would defeat the entire purpose of charging wirelessly. It doesn’t matter if you’re sporting an Otterbox, KARAPAX Shield, or going completely naked—PowerPort Wireless charges through it all.

Last but not least, we’ve installed advanced shielding for complete protection against radiation, ensuring that the power goes only one place—into your phone where it belongs. Temperature control and voltage regulation technologies combine for even greater protection.

PowerPort Wireless also senses the charging component inside your phone, keeping itself safety turned off until you’re ready to place and charge.

Have you gotten the chance to try out wireless charging for yourself? Any plans to pick up a PowerPort Wireless charger and cut the cord for good? Let us know in the comments!:grin:


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Yes I have, when I got my iPhone 8 last week I made sure I got a Karapax shield and the new watt 5 wireless charger. Both are great and I think must haves, thank you anker for make more great, useful products that I will now use everyday! It was totally worth the money.


Nice, looking forward to test it,
Btw, does this support the fast charging tech of iPhone8 and X? (7.5W as Apple claimed)

I just received my iPhone X and have been successfully using Anker’s previous generation wireless charging pad with it!


No iphone here, but all my coworkers have them and they love them. Well, all but my manager as he has had to return his due to the battery swelling and poping the screen out.
When we do our secret Santa I may do one of test as it’s within the price range of what we’re allowed to spend


Arrrrrr if I’d won the iPhone X I would of been all over these like ants on a sticky sweet but will have to wait until next year. I hear Apple are bringing out bigger models too :eyes:

Ooooooh it looks shiny!
I wish I could upgrade, but it’s not time yet. -_-

I offered a colleague of mine an Anker wireless charging pad I received through the PU program. He is using it daily, and is very satisfied with it.


Yes, I have already tested the wireless charging with the PowerPort Qi A2511, above all I use it when I am at work, because I constantly use the phone and have it connected to the cable, it annoys me, so the best thing is the wireless charge, I just have to pose it on the base, and the wireless charge continues, and take the phone so easily when I need it


I remember my first experiences with wireless charging when I had my Palm Pre Plus and wouldn’t call it a stunning technical advancement to have it again 7 years later. :slight_smile:
However, I’m happy to see the technology becoming more widely adopted now. I thought that after I stopped using my Nexus 5 I would never get the opportunity to charge a flagship device wirelessly again and have to be careful not to damage my USB connector like I did with the Moto X.

I guess I have to thank Apple for doing this and just have to wait for all Android devices to follow soon.


Really???:grinning: I’m jealous of you!

Good to know your friend love it!:smiley:

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Today’s wireless charging technology is more safe than before.:grin:

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Ugh the moto x was the worst for charging ports going bad. BTW apple didn’t bring wireless charging to the forefront as many android flagship devices have had it. But of course apple does anything and everyone jumps on their bandwagon…


I didn’t want to give credit to Apple for inventing or being the first with wireless charging. :slight_smile:
Sadly the safest way to be sure that something gets adopted by the mainstream is when Apple does it and actively advertises the utility of it. I still prefer my Pixel over the iPhone I use for work. :wink:


Is there anything wireless charging you provide for my old iPhone 6s?

I’ve got a PowerPort Qi A2511 at home, which I bought after I got an iPhone 8, works perfectly - thou the LED could be less brighter. I’m thinking about getting one for my office, too. It’s hard to beat the convenience of wireless charging!

I have considered this. If I find a good enough deal on the Moto Mod that enables qi charging I might have to get one :slight_smile:

OR Anker could make me a Moto Mod with a built-in battery (~3000 mAh) and qi! That would be cool :wink:

You would have to buy a case with qi enabled.

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