Customization options for my new RoboVac 30c?

First of all, I love Anker and all of their product lines. They’re a fantastic company. That said, I have a couple of questions about customizing my brand new RoboVac 30c and feature requests.

My apologies if these have been covered extensively before.

  1. Any vinyl decal/stickers for sale anywhere? I can only seem to find them for the 11 series vacuums.

  2. Are there any “hacks” out there to change the beeping patterns / add sounds to the RoboVac? (Feature request)

  3. Room mapping (Feature Request) - My vac does a great job, but I’m worried about the size of the space it is set to cover. I’d love to be able to zone out areas where I could tell my vac to handle different rooms on different schedules. This would be a killer feature.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I’m totally willing to test anything!

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You might read the instructions carefully.
This will give you all answers to your questions.


This is a support question. I’m not sure you would want did into the program or modify the unit. These vacuums can be difficult at times.

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Hi @Greg_Miller1,

Thank you for your question and suggestion.

  1. We do not sale any stickers currently.
  2. It can’t change the beeping patterns now, but maybe in the future, this feature could be achieved.
  3. eufy have the plan to make new Robovac which support mapping function. So stay tuned.:grin: