Curves in All the Right Places

Shatter your 5K personal best. Lift more than you ever thought possible. For those barrier-breaking workout moments, we find music is our life force. It puts us in motion, giving us the energy to churn out the next rep or lap. We don’t know how we’d survive without it.

Of course, a workout with the perfect soundtrack also requires the perfect pair of earbuds. We don’t need to tell you how painfully irritating low-quality buds can be. Getting tangled up in cords or yanked out of your ears, losing signal, crackling, etc. If you’re trying to make do with substandard earbuds, you’re almost better off not listening to music at all.

That’s why we’re so excited about the newest creation to come from the Anker labs: SoundBuds Curve.

The latest in our elite SoundBuds series of earphones, SoundBuds Curve are specially designed to be the ultimate wireless workout buds.

The Curve in the name refers to the ear bands that contour perfectly to the outside of your ear. No amount of shake, rattle, and roll is enough to dislodge SoundBuds Curve once they’re in place. The soft eartips ensure superior comfort as well as sturdy hold.

Of course, once the music starts playing and you get into the zone, there’s no avoiding one fact of life: sweat. Anyone can tell you that moisture and cheap generic headphones make for a poor combination. That’s why SoundBuds Curve are engineered for superior water resistance, making sure that when the sweat starts flowing, the tunes don’t stop.

Now, we are Anker, after all, so naturally SoundBuds Curve utilize our advanced battery technology, carrying 12.5 hours of HD-quality continuous playtime. That’s a lot of gym visits!

We’re so excited for you to try SoundBuds Curve during your next workout that we’re giving away 600 pairs absolutely free. All you have to do is head over to our event page, log in, and tell us your favorite song to blast at the gym. From the August 21st through the 23rd, we’re giving away 200 SoundBuds Curve per day, so head over now and get your name in the hat before they’re gone. Good luck!

And hey, after entering to win, why not come back and let us know your favorite music in the comments? You may even find a new favorite jam from our discussion below. Rock on, Anker fans!:sunglasses:


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Right after entering I recognized it’s US only… :sweat::cry:
But good luck for the rest! :blush:

(Entered “Shape of you” btw :wink: )


It’s always a good idea to scan the T&C’s before entering, similar has happened before. Good luck to the US members :thumbsup:

To get me through the last reps at the gym it has to be either Come With Me Now by Kongos or Here I Go Again by Whitesnake, both allow for a good 4 min blast to round off the workout :smile:


my favorite song to blast at the gym is “Lean On” (Major Laser) :heart_eyes: :muscle:


Lately, I’ve been rockin’ “The Man” by The Killers.


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Arrrrrrr US Only was like a punch in the guts lol but good job my toned 6 pack could take the impact ;-))

I would have gone for Everlong or Pretender from the Foo Fighters. Just kicks in and gets the adrenaline pumping

I love listening to Latino songs link Shape of You in Latino version and etc. Even though I don’t know what it says, it just sounds good!


Hmm, so how do we win exactly? I am a bit confused. Does our song have to be in the top 10 to win? Or is it just random picking.

I like EDM, so one of my favorite is Home - by marshmello

paradise city, Guns and Roses


Think some clarification is required from @AnkerOfficial as the initial message here makes reference to get your name in the hat before there gone, which would lean more toward submit your song and hope your selected out of the deluge of daily entries, leaving the daily top 10 as being what it is, a playlist suggestion…

…yet after re-reading the rules it does seem like the 200 daily winners have to have submitted a song which eventually makes the daily top 10, as a collective choice by members…from the wording


touche, I submitted my song already tho, if it isnt random, i have 0% of winning because i know mine isnt gonna make it on that list LOL

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This is so cool! Rock on, Anker!

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Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC.

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We’re no strangers to love…

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Iron Man Black Sabbath

It’s not my favorite song alpha 9 skin it’s been on replay ever since I’ve heard it on cosmic gate wake your mind podcast

X Gon’ Give It To Ya -DMX ,is the way to go :laughing: