CurrysPCWorld 50%off sale on Soundcore audio products,(UK)

Copied from Twitter
UK fans, @curryspcworld is having quite the sale on all of our @soundcoreaudio products!

Head on over to and get yourself or a loved one a post-holiday gift!!


Thanks for posting @elmo41683. A Flare for £39.99 is an absolute steal!

Shared on my facebook this morning. Agree £40 for a flare is a fab price.


Yes indeed, when I saw that I was like yes I know some people will be happy to snatch a few up. And since it’s promoted by Soundcore I can only assume their an authorized seller so your warranty is intact

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@elmo41683 they are one of the electronic giants in the U.K. and where I brought my DSLR from a while ago.

It’s nice to see more flagship companies carrying Anker products over here. :grin:


Indeed, I think that’s a quite good investment.
Those who have no, should really go for it.

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Cheers for posting @elmo41683 , that is one sweet price for the Flare :heart_eyes:

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That’s a fantastic price for both the Flare and the Mini 2 - I have both and they’re great. The Mini2 will be coming on vacation with me this month!

Question on the pairing of Flares if anyone knows?

I have one connected primarily to an Echo Dot via 3.5 to allow for multiroom audio. if I got another Echo and paired them together, would the input from the 3.5 play on both??? I know there would probably be some lag for bluetooth, and can live with that

I’m just thinking some nice stereo in my lounge…

Well spotted @elmo41683 I’ll be heading to Currys to take a look :smiley:

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It’s worth noting that all the deals are online only and aren’t available in stores. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice deals for UK

Some real juicy prices, for those with leftover christmas money‽

eyyyy thanks mate for posting!


Are they a registered 3rd party seller?

Just incase there was a warranty issue

As I mentioned above, Anker is promoting this via Twitter so one can assume they are authorized

Saw this on FB also.

Should’ve read the thread instead of just commenting on first post lol

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Cheers :+1:t2:

Means I don’t always have to wait on delivery from Amazon

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