Create Your Own Video and Win $2,000!

It’s been an incredible year for us at Anker. We’ve got a bold new look and a brand new site—and that’s just scratching the surface of all the exciting changes to come. We want you to help us celebrate the Anker Upgrade by unleashing your creativity.

The Contest

Power It Up is a video competition in which the winners will be selected by viewer upvotes.

The top ten creators will receive $2,000 and an Anker Power Pack including a premium portable charger, extra-durable PowerLine cable, and more.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Create a 1 minute video showing what happens when the power runs out.

All of us rely on battery power to carry us through the day. When your battery dies, it’s never at the right time: in the middle of a phone interview, trying to find your way to the night’s party spot, or having a heart-to-heart via text while in the checkout line.

We’re asking you to illustrate some of those funny, embarrassing, or awkward moments, reminding us why we’re grateful that Anker’s always here to help us Power It Up.

How to Win

We want you to really connect with your artistic side. Dig deep and find your inner Steven Spielberg or Jim Carrey. You only need to remember four rules:

  1. Keep it under one minute.
  2. Stick to the creative prompt (“running out of power”).
  3. Keep it clean, lighthearted, and family-friendly. :grin:
  4. The end of your video must include the line: “Anker, Power It Up.”

We’re super charged-up to see what you create.

What You Should Do

Head over to our new Power It Up page to get started. Fame, fans, and a $2,000 prize await!


Contest runs from July 31st, 12:00 AM PDT to August 18th, 11:59 PM PDT, 2017. If you guys want to know more rules, click the link to learn more.:grin:



Is it hard for you to make a video?:joy:


Wow :open_mouth:

Question @AnkerOfficial …Is this a US only thing (due to the dollar amount)?

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Show time:smirk:

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Haven’t see this question answered anywhere.

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Neither have I, so it’s worth an ask. Regardless, still might give FinalCut a spin just for fun :smile:

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Not US only, we encourage everyone who have creative idea could join this campaign!


I’ve got this :muscle:

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Wow!!! Let’s do it!!! :wink::ok_hand::muscle::muscle:

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Trial or full version?

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I have added my video please go see it and if you like it please vote! :grin: THANK YOU!


Which one is you? # ?:grin:


The Medic :grinning:

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Is that you haha? I really enjoyed the video, and I will vote for you!!:heart_eyes:


The runner is my little brother. And im the medic. :grin: Thank you @AnkerOfficial!

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Haha it’s great! I already voted today, but I’ll vote for you tomorrow.