Create Mesh connection with more HomeBase’s


Would like to suggest to make it possible to connect more HomeBase 2’s as a “mesh” ro extent range. So that you can set up a HomeBase in each end of the House but keep all devices and config in the same overall configuration.

-i have 2x HomeBase 2 as i bought a discounted extra set og cameras and they were cheaper with the HomeBase included. So would be awesome if we could afd a HomeBase in the device settings in the app as mesh extension of the reach. In addition storage could be mirrored and 2 sirens could go off, and if burglars runs off with the HomeBase they take along all footage. If i had 2 one would still have the footage.


That’s a good idea, each homebase has the electronics for it but would be a significant software change to mirror storage and act as repeaters.

If I had access to the code it would take me a couple of weeks.

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