Crazy deal on US amazon today

I don’t know if they’re trying to clear out inventory for the new year or what, but theses are some of the lowest prices I’ve seen on these products:


Wow! I guess it would be a good time to get some anker gear for some people

Thanks for the heads-up. I might go for that PowerPort 2.

its the older version

I think these are all older versions - it seems they are trying to make space in the Amazon warehouses for more stuff. The USB-C cord is only USB 2.0, for instance.

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I would not over-think this one, it is stuff they made not selling fast enough. Reasons why is not selling we cannot understand from this distance.

Yes, there is USB-C stuff coming but the back-end inside Anker are many steps removed from this community front-end are thinking totally different issues.

Ryan, I suspect we both have enough Anker stuff already, what we’re mostly now doing is converting others from the tied to home and car folks into unplugged and mobile types. I think that’s a good thing.


Enough Anker products? Surely you jest.

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Whoa, I’m about to grab that wall charger! I saw some other things on there that were low priced too. Make sure we take advantage everyone!

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Hopefully this means that they’re clearing stock before MWC and we’ll see some new announcements!

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I need another wall charger. I have one of those already and wouldn’t mind getting it again. To bad I’m at work and the a sale will be over before I can get a chance to order it.

Order from your mobile

Dam. Those are some insane deals :scream::scream::astonished:

The deal ended for the wall charger but the upgraded one is only 9.99 which I’m consider on snatching up one.

It seems like the deals has gone?

Yeah it was a lightning deal - I think it got snapped up pretty quick.