Crazy Confusion - MicroUSB PowerLine Dura

Ok, so when Anker originally announced their PowerLine II Dura on the community forum, they said that microUSB and USB-C versions were also in the works. Then, in a recent Facebook post by Anker showcasing the strength of the new cable, Anker said that they were working on USB-C version, but that I microUSB version was NOT being planned.

Then, Anker released the PowerDrive Elite 2 with built-in microUSB cable. This product appears to have PowerLine Dura specs. Notice the 12000 bends. Hmmm. What’s the final word @AnkerOfficial?

Finally, while this is a bit off topic, do you have plans to release a 4" PowerLine Dura cable. I’d greatly appreciate your response.

I can see how they adapted the cable design for some products. I mean it is a matter of just changing the cable ends.