Cpap machine

would the anker powerhouse 200 power a cpap machine

Yes, Depends on the CPAP model.

Powerhouse 200 does provide AC Output of 110V-60Hz, 0.91A-1.18A, 100W (normal)

It all depends on the type and model of your cpap, as some draw a lot nore powerthan others. The powerhouse 200 while good, it most likely will not last through the night powering a cpap machine. Although, the original powerhouse could generally last through the night.

May be provide the CPAP model details and power requirements

Like asked, going to need what model CPAP machine as well as how long you want to use the battery for CPAP.

The powerhouse 200 does advertise that it can power a CPAP machine, but as others said it depends on exactly how much juice your machine will pull. I’m sure if you give us the model some of our experts can help you out :wink: