Covid-12 Fake news on Google, Twitter and Facebook (NYT)

I was reading, there will be a open letter from virologists from all over the world published at the New York Times today.
There are “too” many COVID-19 fake news around on these so called “social media”.
Believing in those “stories” could be mortal.


I take EVERYTHING i read on social media with a big pinch of salt.
And those that perpetuate the rubbish by sharing without investigating first i give a piece of my mind.
I love the ones that say like and share and you’ll get something in return. Well 30 seconds on the internet normally proves them to be fake.
Thats one of the reasons i don’t use Facebook much now. Twitter doesn’t seem quite so bad.

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I dont use Twitter and Facebook.
No need.

There may be many absolute absurd publishing there.
I dont know.

But those associated with the COVID.19 are more than dangerous

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I don’t read anything on any of social media for covid-19 anymore, just try to follow what is told on the official channels,
Follow the social distancing, washing hands for 20 sec, cover nose and mouth with mask when I go out, and stay home, that is the best storypoints!

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I use Facebook and Twitter for hobby purposes.
I follow my work colleagues and 2 friends, thats literally it.
I used to use both a lot, but was taking up to much time. Now i spend my time here for now.

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Of course we dont trust that, but It seems there are too many others who do.
But I dont think, those read the New York Times.

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Fake News is okay, but I get Fake Charity messages asking me to donate. That’s not a problem for me as I don’t normally fall for those tricks but worried of those who think these charity messages are real and send them a portion of their hard earned money.

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Same happens here in Germany too.
But I was reading there a “recipes” for absolutely toxic mixtures around.
Those should be used to gurgle,
These should be removed immediately!

A conclusion will always find its required facts.
Opinions cost nothing, it is just moving your mouth.
Truth is expensive, you have to not form an opinion until it has been independently verified on facts.
Truth is boring, it spends too long saying it cannot know, then says it may know, then it knows, but by then it is old.

It amazes me that a finite mind can increase how many opinions but not how many facts.

Advice? Listen to those who say they do not yet know.