Costco Website Down on Black Friday

Costco lost an estimated 11 million Dollars because their website was down. Ouch.

Woah. That’s a lot of money. That’s a shame for them. I like Costco and would like to see them continue to succeed

I faced this … Fortunately site opened on time :+1:t2:

YEOUCH!!! As frustrating for the consumers as much as the business itself.

If they save money and are not investing in server hard- and software this happens. A well structured equipment got mirrored servers and there is usually no total crash.

It’s shocking that a company like Costco has such a poor website even when it doesn’t crash.

Oh well, still a huge fan and will always be a customer!!

That’s quite a big loss :grimacing:

That estimate seems to be wrong… Should be much more

Such an inconvenient time for the site to go down. If it was user error, that person is getting fired lol