Cosmos Max - Observations so far...

Hi, I have been using the Cosmos Max for a couple of weeks now. I am generally enjoying the picture quality and the unit is bright and quiet. However, I have found some annoying issues that I am hoping will be investigated and resolved at some point.

HDMI Input - I really would like to set a default so that when the unit is switched on it defaults directly to HDMI 1 instead of always loading in to Android TV. I don’t want to use android TV by default.

Logitec Harmony Support - The product isn’t supported. I had a fully automated system before with my Optoma projector but the inability to switch the Cosmos Max on has made the whole thing clunky and I am having to revert to using all the remotes for various controls and cannot invoke Alexa to assist.

ARC & CEC - Seems a bit strange but even with all the correct CEC settings between projector and AVR, the unit will not automatically switch on when the AVR comes on although it has been possible to auto switch off when hdmi connected devices are switched off. The ARC function is not great and I have reverted to non ARC now as the volume control and the way audio return is not particularly reliable and seems a bit slow.

Android TV - The 4k support from the available apps seems poor. We need to be able to install the latest versions of Apps with 4k content supported.

To be honest, I can live without ARC and I am not bothered too much about Android TV as I have other sources connected through my AVR but the HDMI thing and the Logitec support are causing me issues.


Exactly! I just upgraded from an older Mars and this happened automatically (because it had no interface).

If I have something plugged into an HDMI, I’d like to set that as the default (i.e., my Fire Stick). It’s a real pain to set the input every time I turn it on.

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