Cosmos (Max) Delivery Date Delayed Due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused Nebula to delay the delivery date of Cosmos and Cosmos Max, which were originally projected to be delivered in April.

If you are a backer of the Kickstarter campaign, you can read the latest update here.

At this time, it is unclear whether the virus has caused Anker to delay other upcoming products.


Thanks for highlighting…

Based on the panic everybody is going through, I think delays are likely…


Heck about everything is getting delayed by it. I love all of my Restaurants emails I have gotten stating about it too.

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There will be many other things delayed.
But it doesn’t matter so much, as long we are not infected. and healthy.

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I’m still wondering when that golden cable will be released. This quarter is almost over…

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Disruption of Chinese manufacturing is nearing the end of its lockdown period.

They’ve been through hell but light beginning at end of the tunnel.

Issue will be total manufacturing capacity, if it should be allowed to be fully free decision. The planet could usefully use more ventilator machines more than projectors, probably, and Chinese massive manufacturing capacity may be better serving in other ways.


Not only restaurants… there has been email after email from businesses about monitoring conditions and more…

Google has sent communication with mention of delays and reduced support for it’s paid services

Other companies will follow soon

what is that :grin: …

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China has gone through the phases and seems to be on track for recovery (purely based on news being seen / stores being opened) since the early spread since Nov/Dec 2019… almost 3-4 months.

Rest of the world countries are still trying to cope with the CoronaVirus, could take longer.

Whatever time/material delays which may have occurred at China due to CoronaVirus, will balance out then demand, by the time global countries recover, which , if all goes well, should be well by June/July.

If this extends beyond this time… it will be a major catastrophe… lot of issues globally. People are already losing jobs / layoffs here in US.

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Seems a real product soon.



Nebula seems to have delayed the delivery date of Cosmos (Max) again. Both models are now scheduled to begin shipping in late August, as opposed to late July.

Note: It is not entirely clear if this impacts the Kickstarter or Indiegogo backers…