Cosmos Max app download problem

Hi. I have just bought a Cosmos Max and have been trying to download various apps including Disney Plus. All of the apps say Pending and do not download.
The wifi signal is strong and I have tried various changes to the settings in my play store account but nothing had worked.
How do you get the downloads to start? Has anyone else has this problem?

Actually I’ve sorted it. I had to download the apps using Google play store on my phone first, then re synced my google account on the Cosmos and it then allowed the downloads on the projector to start.
I’m not sure that is how it is supposed to work but it sorted the problem so hopefully that might help anyone with the same issue.

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Download and install the Nebula manager, this allows you to download and install apps that are available for use with the projector. Also make sure all firmware updates are installed.

Glad you were able to solve the issue :+1: