Cosmos Max and Harmony Remotes

Hi all
I’ve got the Nebula Cosmos Max as an integral part of a full home theatre set up - connected to an AV receiver which is the hub for all of the inputs going to the Projector. My one gripe is that because of the way the inputs are setup and the default home screen, I can’t get my Harmony Remote to automatically set to the correct (and only) input I use.

Anyone have a good workaround for this?

I don’t but I 2nd the need for Harmony support

Add it to the hub as Nvidia Shield, follow the instructions to connect over bluetooth. Works perfectly.

Maybe support can give us some info if an actual IR sensor is present and functional.

Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately I’m on a Harmony 665 so don’t have bluetooth functionality from the remote.

I would think an IR sensor is there. I can do most things with the Harmony (power on, navigate menus, etc.), it’s just that getting to that input is a chore and not easy to make part of an Activity sequence.

How did you add the Cosmos to your Harmony? I don’t seem to find it in the device database and thought the original remote is bluetooth only so you cant copy it.

Don’t know about the 665 but on the hub based Harmonys you can program specific key presses on start of a activity so you can automate switching the input.

Funny, I never even thought twice about, but I added the Cosmos Max as a generic projector and just used the learn function from the Cosmos remote to the harmony. Now that I look at it again, the IR transmitter isn’t obvious but it must be there.

Yeah I haven’t given the sequencing a go. There is a bit of an issue with the input delay, but I know that can be addressed as well. All the same, it would be immensely helpful to get a direct input button rather than have to muck about with button press sequence.

Appreciate your reply, once again

That was great advice but how to you get the projector to turn on? It sends a sleep command which turns it off, but it won’t turn it on when the activity starts.

Did you ever figure out how to get it to power on with the harmony remote? Been searching for a way. I got it working using the bluetooth but like you said it won’t power on.

Yes and no. I was never able to find a way to turn it on using the Harmony Remote but I found a work around using a Broadlink Universal Receiver, IFTTT and SmartThings.

If you’re interested, first you need to find the user generated Anker Remote on Broadlink. Then you create a virtual switch on SmartThings that connects to an IFTTT routine that send the power on/off command to Broadlink. Finally, I connected Harmony to SmartThings.

So now when I run the Harmony Activity, it turns on the SmartThings virtual switch, which sends the command to IFTTT which in turn makes the Broadlink send the ON/OFF command to the projector. I also set it up so it works in reverse.

It’s insane to me that Anker hasn’t released official Harmony compatibility given how much this projector costs.