'Correct Solution' ability for Forums

Confirming a Solution

I am stealing this idea from several other site's forums, the ability for the User who created a post that is asking a question that can be answered by others on the forum to be able confirm another user's suggestion if it fixed their issue. This way other users know that issue is 'closed'.

One More Suggestion...

Remove the ability to use HTML in these posts. It could be a security issue eventually

There is an option “solution” the user can activate if he got one for his issue.

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Hey @Lost-in-Tech
As @Chiquinho mentions.
A thread started in the Questions and Answers section has the option to mark a response solved.
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You too Paul. :smile:
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Good suggestion but they probably won’t implement it

We hav e a feature like that but sadly most people who come on there and post a question when they get their answer they do not always mark the response that solved their problem which is the case most of the time


Thats true!
May be they are so happy to get their problem solved, they “forget” it

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Right, but does if your comment is chosen as a Solution do you ‘rank up’, that’s my idea for making a person’s level match more than just how often they visit and post.

So does it have to be a certain ‘category’ of post to be able to have a Solution. For instance, I can’t mark one here.

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A thread owner can mark multiple replies as solution, but only the last one marked is shown as solution.

The replying member such marked gets some points which slowly nudge up their level.

The member would get a little more benefit for Powerdraw using the points but the Powerdraw are rare now.

A moderator who spots a solution can edit and assign solved also.

A moderator can move a thread between categories. I have seen non-Q&A moved from Q&A, possibly I remember seeing the opposite direction.

Hi @Lost-in-Tech
Yes, the Questions and Answers section :+1:t2: