Copy footage of accident

I have about 3 minutes of footage I want to share with my insurance company of a vehicle incident.

How do I send the app’s video and the vehicle speed and other info?

I can find no way to do this from the ROAV app.

You would have to either download it to your phone and send the video file to them, or pull the sd card and pull the file on your computer and send it to them that way

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What is the Roav Dashcam model?

Only specific models of Roav Dashcam have the GPS and Speed captured Such as Roav Dashcam Duo., Dashcam C2 Pro, etc…

You need to take the MicroSD card from the Roav Dashcam, use it with the Roav Software on the laptop to get the GPS details and Speed, export the video and save it.

If you just need the Video - you may use the MicroSD card - copy the specific recording.

Please know that there will be no speed information if you share the video with others. It only shows via the Roav app. In this case, please enable your phone’s screen recording function and then open the Roav APP and have that video clip recorded and then send it to the insurance company. Or just use another phone to take a video of it and then send it to the insurance company.

While not an easy solution, I found that by installing the ROAV app (for me in Windows 10), I could offload the SD card files, and view them in the app. That worked perfectly. I had to use the Xbox Game Bar app to record the desktop. Using Windows Photos (app), I was able to make a much smaller clip. Original size 397 meg, clip is 104 meg.



There are lot of softwares which do the screen recording, and also compress it!

Glad you were able to get the details you were looking for! :+1:

Screen record on your phone