Continuous recording while at a mechanic setting

I took my car to the mechanic and actually filmed him flying in my car well over the 35mph speed limit. However once the car was in the shop it cuts off after the 3 minutes. At one point he goes under the hood when he’s supposed to be working on an alignment. Is there a way I can set the dash cam C1 to continuously record in 3 minute segments the whole time it’s in the shop? The video stopped a few seconds after he opened the hood. Really wonder what he was doing. They quoted me $1200 worth of work, which I don’t really need because all the parts mentioned I installed a couple years ago which were oem parts and verified when I got home. I’d like to set my cam to record from when I drop off to picking it up.

With the latest update, you are able to set the loop recording from 1, 3, 5, and 10 minutes. Before this, it would just do 3 minute recordings while plugged in and 30 second clips while in Parking Monitor. Therefore, you could go longer then 10 minutes IF you have it set for 10 minutes…then after that time, it would record another 10 minute clip. But unfortunately, we are unable to enable recording for longer then the 10 minute intervals. Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

If your car is unable to power your 12v sockets without the ignition switch being activated (motor not running, just electrics) and/or if the mechanic disengages your car battery, you would need to be powering the DashCam from a battery pack like a PowerCore 10000. This would allow loop recording to continue, unless the mechanic turns off the DashCam manually.

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Doesn’t the dash cam shut off if the car doesn’t move?

The dash camera will only power off if there is not a source or active power (such as a PowerCore or car battery) and it will go into standby mode if the parking monitor has been activated. If the parking monitor is activated it can use it’s internal battery to power on when it detects motion, such as your car being hit by a vehicle while parked.

Time to look for another non shady mechanic. Every mechanic that I have taken my truck to recommend unnecessary parts until I found my latest mechanic a few years ago. It’s refreshing having somebody you trust work on your vehicle.

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Logically this is a failing strategy if you do the math:

  • mechanic is non-shady

  • customer finds non-shady mechanic

  • customer returns to non-shady mechanic

  • non-shady mechanic gets busier and busier

  • non-shady mechanic refuses work or offers to do it later than a customer wants.

  • result: your average time increases.

  • mechanic is shady

  • customer uses, then discovers is shady

  • customer keeps moving between shady mechanics

  • shady mechanic is always available

  • result: you are statistically going to keep coming across shady mechanic.

The way around this is either:

  • use reviews or better still someone you trust (as reviews can be fake)
  • learn to be a mechanic yourself
  • pay extra to a non-shady mechanic so you can pull up in a wait time queue.

Or in other words:

  • “you get what you pay for”

So let me see if I have this straight. You pay extra money to not be ripped off? :joy::rofl: Back to the point @scs6371 you can wire your cigarette lighter to stay on when the key is off & use your cars battery instead of a powerbank.

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