[Contest Ended] PowerPort 2 Elite: Exclusive Community Giveaway

Making charging fast and convenient are primary goals at Anker. To meet those goals we created the PowerPort 2 Elite—a sleekly designed USB wall charger with incredible durability. Armed with Anker’s exclusive charging technology it delivers simultaneous high-speed speed charging to any device.

In celebration of the release we are giving away 300! To win, simply comment and share.

And there are a myriad of reasons for you to want one…

High-Speed Charging
PowerPort 2 Elite is packed with Anker’s patented PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies. PowerIQ identifies and matches any device’s ideal charging protocols. That means a charger with PowerIQ recharges any device as quickly as a charger from the manufacturer would. Meanwhile, VoltageBoost automatically adjusts output to counter cable resistance to make charging even faster.

PowerPort 2 Elite provides the fastest charge for iPhone, iPad, and any other non-Quick Charge devices. However, if you’re looking for a Quick Charge 3.0 equipped charger, pick up our PowerPort Speed 2.

Dual USB-Ports
Fans familiar with Anker will know the “2” in PowerPort 2 Elite denotes the number of charging ports and not that it is the cringe-worthy “Episode 2” of the PowerPort Elite series. Thanks to a 24W output, those 2 ports simultaneously charge virtually any device at full-speed.

Ideal For Travel
There are a lot of features that make PowerPort 2 Elite a perfect travel charger. It is super-compact, equipped with a foldable plug, and uses an international 100-240 volt input. Pack it up, take it with you, and charge.

Robust matte material and premium internal components make PowerPort 2 Elite shock-resistant. This protection against bumps and drops ensures even the most careless butter-fingers doesn’t need to worry about affecting their charging performance.

Advanced Safety Features
Anker wants to keep you as safe as possible while you charge. So we created our own patented safety system. MultiProtect is a combination of 10 safety features, including surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and temperature control. These features work together to provide total protection for you and your devices.

The Giveaway
Like we said, winning is simple. Just leave a 10 or more word comment about PowerPort 2 Elite on this post and share it on either Facebook or Twitter (or both). Winners will be randomly selected. We’re giving away 300. May the odds be ever in your favor.


  1. US only

  2. Prizes are limited to one per person

  3. Prizes cannot be refunded or replaced for non-quality issues

  4. Event runs from May 8th 00:00 PDT to May 12th 23:59 PDT

  5. Prizes will be shipped before May 26th 2017. When the event has ended we’ll email the winners.

  6. Anker reserves the right of final explanation. By offering your email you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Can’t wait to get one? Buy one on Amazon, any time!


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I’ve been very happy with Anker products and I look forward to trying the PowerPort 2 Elite battery and charger.


Good luck to those who enter :thumbsup:


giveaways for Canadians please :slight_smile: …good luck to our American friends


I like devices with high speed charging. I have an older version, but the PowerPort 2 Elite seems more durable and powerful. I would like to get one :slight_smile:


I’m impressed! Has the PowerPort 2 been one of Anker’s top-selling products of all time? I believe it has been upgraded a lot. Recently, once late last year (there was some kind of sparking issue) and now again this year! Nice, Anker! I laughed at the part where you were talking about what the 2 meant! For those who didn’t know… Anyways, I currently do not own one of your wall chargers. This one seems like a great one to start out with. Fingers crossed!
I love the fact that the light changes colors when your device fully charges! My parents will also love that it doesn’t draw any electricity when nothing is plugged in. It’s smart!


Good luck everyone! The PowerPorts are my favorite chargers to travel with! :electric_plug:


I like the new features of he PowerPort 2 elite. its charges faster and I can plug in two devices at the same time. I hope I win one but I will purchase one for a friend as a birthday gift. She travels all the time and complains about her charging device. Now she will know about ANKER chargers.


They have been my favorite too. Anker chargers are always part of travel pack, so that I’m never out of POWER :battery:


good luck to everyone. definitely a useful charger


i dont have facebook or twitter but im sure this is a great product


I support anker products and hope to be one of the lucky few to receive the product.


Just when I thought Anker couldnt get any better! I love the portability and compact design for traveling! This would be the only charger I need for travel!


24W in a small package! This can charge a phone and tablet or phone and Powercore.


How do you share?


This would be the perfect little travel charger for when I am on the go!


I own other Anker products - cables, batteries, chargers - and am happy with all of them. This device would make a nice addition.


Just click the Facebook or Twitter icon in their original post…

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