[CONTEST ENDED] Free Christmas Gifts | Get Yours Today

The spirit of Christmas is in the air! You’ve probably spent at least a little bit of time thinking about what you want this year. But, as we all know, sometimes we don’t get the things we wished for.

How many times have you dreamt of getting something amazing for Christmas, only to wind up with a package of socks?

Let’s face it, sometimes your friends and family have no idea what to get for you. That’s why this year, we’ll be playing the role of Santa!

We’re no good at getting hints, so why don’t you just tell us what you want, and we’ll get it for you? From now through December 22nd, we’re choosing two people on whom to bestow holiday cheer, every single day. Just leave your wish in the comments below using this format: “All I want for Christmas is ________.” Fill in the blank with an Anker product of your choice, then share on your Facebook or Twitter. It’s that simple.

But that’s not all. Everyone who participates by commenting in this thread will automatically receive 100 PowerBucks, to use in our upcoming special Christmas PowerDraw.

So get on down to the comment section, and let us know what we can deck your halls with!:santa:

The Rules

  1. Leave a comment including a statement in this format: “All I want for Christmas is _______.” Fill in the blank with an Anker product of your choice. Then share your wish on Twitter or Facebook.

  2. We will select 2 winners per day to receive the Christmas gift of their choice. 20 winners total.

  3. Everyone who comments in this thread will receive 100 PowerBucks. Bucks will be deposited into your account after the event ends.

  4. Event runs from December 13th to December 22nd.

  5. Event is open to users from the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

  6. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Winners Announced:

December 13rd: @Budhaditya_Mazumdar1 and @John_Louis_DeVeaux
December 14th: @Thomas_McCalmont and @Daryl_Lowdon
December 15th: @ryandhazen and @madnjpn
December 16th: @helix and @Dell_Champagne_Marti
December 17th: @Kopra_12 and @Ortega723
December 18th: @Josh_Clough and @DarthMewtwo
December 19th: @brnmanis and @Malq
December 20th: @rrodriguez_2011 and @John_Hulbert
December 21st:: @Chris_Read1 and @cshenoy
December 22nd:: @Snoopy66 and @darush87


I kinda want a PlayStation 4 with a new tv since my hdmi plug isn’t working


All I want for Christmas is… Friends… The ability to sleep before 4 am… Or maybe just an 2850 mAh Anker Battery case because my Anker charger case was stolen :pensive:


Haha, maybe you need to read the rules more clearly :smile::

Leave a comment including a statement in this format: “All I want for Christmas is _______.” Fill in the blank with an Anker product of your choice. Then share your wish on Twitter or


All want for Christmas is a 3 wheel bike since i kind of don’t how to ride a normal bike and a wireless charging pad for the iPhone 8 Plus when i upgrade my phone this tax season

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Well this is different…and it’s open beyond the US :heart_eyes: :grin:

Nice giveaway idea @AnkerOfficial , can see a few wants heading in your direction over the next 10 days :smile:

As I’m PowerCore’d and SoundCore’d out for myself it would be a gift so…

All I want for Christmas is an Anker SoundCore Pro , for a special relative to draw a smile on Christmas morning :smile:

Oh and world peace :laughing: (sorry just watched the film the other day)


All I want for Christmas is Ankers Powerhouse,
Please and thank you
Done and shared via Twitter and Facebook


Your avatar so…cute!!!:laughing:


@AnkerOfficial while I would love a powerhouse, I doubt it’s included…or is it? Just asking to clarify for others as well as myself


Like your thinking, leaves us UK members out for that one though :frowning2:


Yes, you could ask for that! :sunglasses:


All I want for Christmas is PowerCore 13000 C as my USB-C phone is getting weaker by the day and need a constant companion to keep it happy!

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Thanks for clarifying, I edited my original post to show this then. I ask for this because with the storm we just had and still snowing it knocked our power out, everyone was fighting over my powercore and used up its charge. Laptops and tablets are all dead now too since we tried to make it bearable. This would help alleviate our snowed in burden.


nice way of giving close to Christmas don’t know what I want yet but just wanna give credit for this idea


All I want for Christmas is a SoundCore Pro Bluetooth Speaker to take with me as I travel for business and leisure.


@AnkerOfficial are Eufy and Roav products allowed too?

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All I want for Christmas is a Powerhouse for emergencies and camping. :gift::christmas_tree::santa::snowflake::snowman_with_snow: Merry Christmas to all. Oh and my two front teeth​:wink:


In the future, Anker community will involve more events related to our sister brands, so the answer of your question is yes!:grin:


All I want for Christmas is PowerHouse For review i been try to get my hands on this power rangers of megaforce.

I Hope My Wish Come True This Year Before The Year ENDS!

Thank You Anker. Keep Up The Good Work!

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Thank you Anker and Merry Christmas to all Anker team members. You have done a fantastic job.

Now here is my wish: All I want for Christmas is a PowerPort Speed USB-C Port (and a Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable, for Santa ++)