Constant logoffs in the forums

To @AnkerOfficial I’m getting frequent logoffs when browsing thru the forums of all your brands. I’m logged in and when I reply to a thread somewhere, it says that I have to logged in to reply. I have Sign In again. Happens every time I visit here.

I’m using the latest Firefox browser.

Have you tried clearing your cache and/or do you get the same behaviour in other browsers? Can’t say I’ve had any issues recently (or today) myself…


Apart from a problem a couple months (which quite a few suffered, turned out it was an Anker setting) I’ve not had any issues.

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I haven’t tried with other browsers and have Firefox set to clear after exiting.

I use a smartphone for all my internet browsing (Inc this).

I use Samsung’s generic browser, which I think is related to chrome , and I have no issues (other than when we all affected).