Constant Issue With: Request failed with status code 504

So…new eufycam E system is taking literally hours of my time “fixing”. Today’s issue: “Request failed with status code 504” keeps popping up. Can’t find this status code ANYWHERE - so that I can address the problem.

So darn tired of this product!!! This is Issue Number 9 for me. I think that I just plain GIVE UP…it’s gotta go back to its maker, period!!!

Hopefully someone who can help will be along soon or maybe @AnkerTechnical can give you a bit more info.

Have patience :muscle:t2:

Hello @eufy15, please reach out to with the details and they should contact you back soon.

Also, you may reach out on phone on the contact page

Considering today is Friday, and weekend approaching, you can expect response sometime on Monday.

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It’s back, for me, anyone else?


If you see double posts from me it’s this reason, I delete the duplicate.

I get a slow “saving” then the above, looks like it didn’t post so save again and then a double post shows.

Had a few slow posts (inc this one) in the last few days but no 504 errors so far…still getting quite a few ghost notifications…including from your account now Professor…

Ok I’ll logout, clear cache, login, if I’m the only one probably my end to fix.

Very slow

No problem getting on but certainly running slow today!

I have found it is slow logging a post as well and I do have a couple of duplicates out there a time or two with a 504 error coming with it as well.

@paulstevenewing I assumed they just had an update on all sites as Eufylife had made mention of an update not long ago. (Usually if one did it the others have too or maybe they are not far behind doing an update.

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Too early to make a causal link but coincidentally I did logout, clear Chrome site settings for this site, forced stop, cleared cache, and login. No issues since. Time will tell if that fixed a local issue or coincidence and issue remains. . Needed to do on each device.

Reported to Ankerofficial.

If you see duplicate posts from me and I’ve deleted one then this is the cause.

I’ve done all I can my end, logout, wipe cache, login, but doesn’t fix.

I’m now seeing 503 errors sometimes but usually 504


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I’ve had the 504 errors a bunch on both here and Soundcore. It’s getting quite annoying to wait so long just for a single page to load as well hopefully they fix it soon