Consolidating Notifications of Sales/Discounts

I use Honey to notify me when things that I have placed on my ‘droplist’ go on sale. I have been using it for years now and it has saved me a ton. Most of the deals I post here are from Honey. That being said, sometimes there is an overlap in people trying to help others, aka members posting the same deal under different titles. While I know it is not intentional, it happens, so I thought of creating this post to ask if the rest of the community thinks it would be a good idea to create a new ‘post’ under the #deals-giveaways and then just post any deals found as replies that to post. This way it will be much easier to see if a deal has already been posted and when a user wants to search for the latest deals they only need to search the Title of that post. Please VOTE below.

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Similar has been mentioned before however the downside would be the growth to the point where deals might be missed/confused or ignored with the often ‘off topic’ responses which end up making their way into the mix.

At least with individual topics with dates (most of the time) it’s easier to weed out or archive once they reach their shelf life…plus it helps members can make a few points…though sometimes I think this ‘easy’ points method has dulled the creation of any discussion topics which could have some longevity

Just my two pence worth…


I can add some shillings too… my counsel would be:

  • Prior to creating a new thread do quick search in deals and steals
  • start the title w/ market region for the deal and item with price
  • in body of post, include link and if possible if deal is lowest price seen
  • if it’s a limited time deal, kindly update when it expires :roll_eyes:

There are a few other things to be mindful of, but those above are what i consider when posting a deal. And after awhile you’ll know who posts for which regions, or for which site (I.e. amazon, Fred’s, target, Walmart, etc.)

Couple examples below:


I agree I think if we all just format similarly then it will be easier to see what has been posted when doing a quick search