Considering buying soudcore 2 well it’s at an awesome price so now is a great time to buy

Near record low so buy now


Yes sir I will :+1:

Would have been more helpful if you posted a direct link to the item on Amazon or wherever it is at the lowest all time low

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Where’s the link?

I’ve got the Soundcore 2 and the Soundcore Flare. The Soundcore 2 is by far the best deal of the 2 in portability, clarity, and battery life. The nice part is you can get a matching Soundcore 2 carrying case from Anker that is pretty dope.

I paid $29 for my Soundcore 2 a couple months ago when it was on sale. Totally worth it. :slight_smile:

I think it’s a great LITTLE spkr.

It’s not thumping bass, but you do get clear bass … when playing a dance/techno track at full volume! :crazy_face:

For THAT price especially I’d get (if I had the spare money, and pair) if you can… Get two, then you’ll have stereo, and obvs twice the volume!

Go for it

Oh wow nice price, black friday deal?

This was AFTER Black Friday had ended, just some sale on Amazon :slight_smile: It was $29.99 for the Soundcore 2 and $12.99 for the matching Anker leather case. Great deal. :slight_smile: