Connectivity - SoundBuds Slim

Problem with intermittent connectivity between SoundBuds and iPhone 7. Out cycling and other electronics include a Garmin (not bluetooth connected) and front and rear lights.

Is this soluble or doesn’t the Anker product work well and consistently with iPhone?

When you say intermittent connectivity, are you meaning they don’t always connect or that you are getting drop outs during playback?

In the first instance a fresh pairing between the two devices is always good start point (forget them from your iPhones BT menu and re-add). You could also try a reset direct on SoundBuds by pressing the vol up/down buttons at the same time while they are turned off, this will reset any pair records on the earbuds themselves.

If the above fails to resolve it could be a possible fault with the earbuds (I’ve used the Slim with iPhone 7 with no issues) or external factors causing interference…



I’m connected but 'getting drop outs during playback’.

I shall ‘forget’ and then re-pair as you recommend.

Thank you