Connection problems Win10 with A3143

A3143 pairs with my Win 10 laptop but sound is intermittent. Updated all drivers and reinstalled device several times. Can anybody offer help. A3143 works perfectly on iOS devices

(most people dont know by product code, but product name)

Your problem I get if the device is paired with multiple things. I don’t have that specific speaker but say headphones if I pair it with multiple devices then it will connect to multiple devices in range and quality drops, to avoid turn off BT on other paired devices nearby

as nigel said, just make sure it isn’t paired to anything else at the same time.

Also BT adapters vary, I have an Asus usb adapter and I can’t get it to work well at times. I have to keep unpairing and re-pairing my devices. Also make sure BT sound is set as default and stuff on Windows.