Connection issues with Soundcore Spirit X

Your Soundcore Spirit X is garbage when it comes to connection. Had to turn or restart my laptop (the latest ASUS laptop) 4-5 times, finally had to go and delete your so called connection history (such baloney!!) before it finally connected. If my laptop can pick up and connect to my wireless mouse immediately, what is with your engineers @ Anker???

I have no problems with my Spirit X. And I’ve had 2 of those without problem on any of our phones or laptops. Sounds like bluetooth driver issue tbh

hey smart guy, blame Microsoft for these issues. Do a google search and you will see countless issues people have with microsoft and connecting bluetooth headphones and devices to these computers. Its not just asus, but all windows and bluetooth cards connected to windows computers.

Best advice is to update the driver for your specific bluetooth card from the manufacturer of said card and do not rely on windows update because its garbage and will almost always say you have the latest drivers even when you dont.


The same old story!
Delete the bt driver and install that one from your bt card manufacturer instead.
This “surgery” helped many user.:grinning: